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Join us for a month-long celebration of food!

Covenant House New York will take you on a food journey every Thursday in October with our Gratitude for Food series on Instagram Live. We also have an exciting culmination to this Gratitude for Food series; a live cooking event with The Brooklyn Kitchen! You will also hear from our Nutritionist Eling Tsai on our nutrition program and our response to sourcing food during COVID-19.

Why are we doing this?

We just wanted to say, thanks. We look forward to recognizing the work of all those who have made this challenging year just a little bit easier.

Each week we will broadcast video to you on Instagram Live in real-time as we talk to nutritionists and organizations that are also helping to battle food insecurity

Nutritionist Roundtable
8 October 2020, 1:30 PM
Read More
Consistent Food Support
with Rethink
15 October 2020, 1:30 PM
Read More
Addressing Food Insecurity
with World Central Kitchen
22 October 2020, 1:30 PM
Read More
with Brooklyn Kitchen

October 29th is our main event. We would like to thank you for all of the support you have shown Covenant House New York by offering a live cooking class with Brooklyn Kitchen. Feel free to cook along with us or just sit back and watch. We will be joined by our Nutritionist Eling Tsai and Ample Table for Everyone’s President, Helaine Katz to celebrate our Gratitude for Food!

We would like to express our deepest appreciation and thankfulness to you for sticking with us. You make it possible to still be able to help youth impacted by homelessness throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Where other doors have closed, ours have remained open.


Get Your Tickets to Gratitude for Food Live

There are 3 quick steps to get your ticket for the Gratitude for Food live cooking event.

Step 1

First, type in your full name and email address below and click “RSVP”

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Step 2

Second, make an in-kind gift to a youth in need by clicking an Amazon Smile item below.

  • Please make sure you are logged in to Amazon; you can click any of the items below or you can click the Amazon Smile icon below for a complete list of items.
  • 100% of your ticket purchase goes to an item needed by a homeless youth.


Step 3

Third, forward your Amazon Smile receipt to to receive your ticket!

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